Tangerine Dream- Electronic Meditation

Tangerine Dream- Electronic Meditation

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Label: Tiger Bay

Reissued 7/30/2021, originally released 1970

Electronic Meditation is the debut album by German electronic music group TANGERINE DREAM, released in June 1970. It is the only TANGERINE DREAM album to feature the line-up of EDGAR FROESE, KLAUS SCHULZE and CONRAD SCHNITZLER. With EDGAR releasing a new TANGERINE DREAM album this fall, there is no better time to explore the catalog starting with this gem. Comes in original gatefold jacket.

Track listing:

  1. Geburt = Genesis
  2. Reise Durch Ein Brennendes Gehirn = Journey Through A Burning Brain
  3. Kalter Rauch = Cold Smoke
  4. Asche Zu Asche = Ashes To Ashes
  5. Auferstehung = Resurrection