Tarentel- From Bone To Satellite: Deluxe Expanded Edition

Tarentel- From Bone To Satellite: Deluxe Expanded Edition

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Label: Temporary Residence Ltd

Reissued 6/2/16, originally released 1999

When TARENTEL's debut album was released in December 1999, Temporary Residence was still a fledgling record label operated by a 21 year-old kid on a dingy carpeted corner of a sinking spare bedroom that was deemed too unsafe to live. The surprise success of From Bone To Satellite - the vinyl sold out in a matter of weeks, and the CD necessitated multiple represses - was both a blessing and a curse for the cash-strapped bedroom imprint struggling to keep on the lights and heat. With profit margins being razor-thin for vinyl, the record was forced to go out-of-print indefinitely. Meanwhile, TARENTEL continued their constant pursuit of new sounds and new ideas, and the desire to revisit the past was simply never there as the band ventured further away from the sprawling, cinematic rock of From Bone To Satellite. By the time they released what would be their final album a mere five years later, TARENTEL were unrecognizable as the band often mentioned in the same breath as MOGWAI and GODSPEED! YOU BLACK EMPEROR. Their fascinating metamorphosis was complete, and the hopes of a vinyl repress of From Bone To Satellite faded away. TARENTEL- in particular, From Bone To Satellite – offered safe passage to many future Temporary Residence artists, including EXPLOSIONS IN TH SKY, ELUVIUM, and SONNA. It was the album that first gave Temporary Residence its first sense of legitimacy, and provided a context for the forward-thinking, emotionally resonant, experimental rock from which the label built its roster and reputation. In honor of the 20th anniversary of Temporary Residence Ltd., we are elated to finally make this integral part of the label's history available on vinyl for the first time since 1999. Not content to merely repress the original, we have unearthed a treasure trove of rare and unreleased material from that inspired early era of TARENTEL. Restored and remastered from the original master tapes, From Bone To Satellite - Deluxe Expanded Edition includes the 7-track sequence that was exclusive to the original vinyl pressing, plus an additional 6 digital bonus tracks - a total of nearly 3 hours of music!

Track Listing:

  1. Steede Bonnet 12:20
  2. When We Almost Killed Ourselves 12:04
  3. Ursa Minor, Ursa Major 17:42
  4. For Carl Sagan 21:21
  5. (Loop 1) 3:03
  6. Strange Attractors 10:42
  7. (Loop 2) 3:02