Teenage Fanclub- Endless Arcade

Teenage Fanclub- Endless Arcade

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Label: Merge

Released 4/30/21

Even if we weren’t living through extraordinarily troubling times, there is nothing quite like a Teenage Fanclub album to assuage the mind, body and soul, and to reaffirm that all is not lost in this world. Endless Arcade follows the band’s ninth album Here, released in 2016. It's quintessential TFC: melodies are equal parts heartwarming and heartaching; guitars chime and distort; keyboard lines mesh and spiral; harmony-coated choruses burst out like sun on a stormy day.
In the 1990s, the band crafted a magnetically heavy yet harmony-rich sound on classic albums such as Bandwagonesque and Grand Prix. This century, albums such as Shadows and Here have documented a more relaxed, less ‘teenage’ Fanclub, reflecting the band’s stage in life and state of mind, which Endless Arcade slots perfectly alongside. The album walks a beautifully poised line between melancholic and uplifting, infused with simple truths. The importance of home, community and hope is entwined with more bittersweet, sometimes darker thoughts - insecurity, anxiety, loss.

Track Listing:

  1. Home

  2. Endless Arcade

  3. Warm Embrace

  4. Everything is Falling Apart

  5. The Sun Won’t Shine On Me

  6. Come With Me

  7. In Our Dreams

  8. I’m More Inclined 

  9. Back in the Day

  10. The Future

  11. Living With You 

  12. Silent Song