Tele Novella- Poet's Tooth

Tele Novella- Poet's Tooth

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Label: Kill Rock Stars

Released 10/6/2023

As Tele Novella, Chronis (who performs in the beloved and rekindled indie pop band Voxtrot) and Ribbons (who previously performed in the long-running "Victorian punk" project Agent Ribbons) have spent their past two albums creating "Medieval outsider country" on 2016's House Of Souls and 2021's Merlynn Belle. Poet's Tooth - the band's second album for Kill Rock Stars - steers the duo's whimsical western-tinted quality into fascinating new directions: cinematic-pop balladry on the autoharp-tinged opener "Young & Free," gently clip-clopping Americana-folk on "Hard-Hearted Way," and bass-driven funk on the wry "Eggs In One Basket." With help from producer Danny Reisch, Tele Novella have crafted their most genre-rich, poetic, and sincere album yet.

Track listing:

  1. Young & Free
  2. Hard-Hearted Way
  3. Broomhorse
  4. Eggs in One Basket
  5. Vampire Cowgirl
  6. The Unicorn
  7. Rodeo Clown
  8. Changeless Kingdom
  9. Poet's Tooth
  10. Funeral