Television Personalities- The Painted Word

Television Personalities- The Painted Word

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Label: Fire

Reissued 2017, Originally released 1984

UK Import


Released in 1984, The Painted Word is TVP’s fourth studio album is “one of the most wanton and willful cases of self-immolation you’re ever likely to hear” (Melody Maker). Breaking up two year’s prior, TVP’s returned with this stunning dark comeback shares the same name as the Tom Wolfe novel. With the formidable Daniel Treacy at its core, Television Personalities remain one of new wave’s longest serving and seminal artists with a career spanning over three decades. The indie pop visionaries influenced many people across the industry including Battles, Black Dice, Crystal Stilts, MGMT and Creation Records’ Alan McGee. ‘The Painted Word’ is reissued for Record Store Day 2017 and will be available on black and white marbled vinyl alongside ‘And Don’t The Kids Just Love It’, ‘Mummy Your Not Watching Me’ and ‘They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles’. “a stark, unforgiving look at the despair of a man lost in his own world.” Alan McGee – Creation Records “There's still no album quite like it” Exclaim

Track listing:

1. Stop and Smell the Roses
2. The Painted Word
3. A Life of Her Own
4. Bright Sunny Smiles
5. Mentioned in Despatches
6. A Sense of Belonging
7. Say You Won't Cry
8. Someone to Share My Life with
9. You'll Have to Scream Louder 1
10. Happy All the Time 1
11. The Girl Who Had Everything 1
12. Paradise Estate 1
13. Back to Vietnam