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Tempers- Services

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Label: Dais

Released 2015

Tempers have carved out their own niche within dark indie, electronica and synth-pop circles. Their sound is about exploring tonal and emotional tension as much as it is about actual tracks or singular moments. Adrenalizing yet hypnotic landscapes layer mechanical and sensual impulses, as crystalline vocals weave fever dreams of yearning and alienation. Informed by both Golestaneh’s involvement in musical performance and visual art and Cooper’s electronic production resume, as well as their time in the States and abroad, they operate as a multi-disciplined entity in the spirit and ethos of Factory Records.

Track listing:

  1. Strange Harvest
  2. Undoing
  3. Eyes Wide Wider
  4. Bright Over Me
  5. Summer Is Gone
  6. Hell Hotline
  7. What Isn't There
  8. Trains
  9. Wheel of Fortune
  10. Strange Harvest (Acoustic)