The Allman Brothers- Seven Turns

The Allman Brothers- Seven Turns

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Label: Epic / Sony

Reissued 2015, Originally released 1990

Seven Turns is an album by The Allman Brothers Band, originally released in 1990. Their first studio album since Brothers of the Road in 1981, it was well-received, and peaked at #53. Hit singles were "Good Clean Fun" (#1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks); "Seven Turns" (#12) and "It Ain't Over Yet" (#26).

Track listing:

  1. Good Clean Fun
  2. Let Me Ride
  3. Low Down Dirty Mean
  4. Shine It on
  5. Loaded Dice
  6. Seven Turns
  7. Gambler's Roll
  8. True Gravity
  9. It Ain't Over Yet