The Almost- Fear Caller

The Almost- Fear Caller

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Label: Fearless 

Released 10/18/2019

The ALMOST is an emo solo project by Aaron Gillespie, drummer and occasional lead singer for UNDEROATH, the Christian metalcore outfit he co-founded in 1998. Choosing to come out from behind the skins like his idol Dave Grohl before him, the Florida-bred Gillespie (who relocated to Salt Lake City in early 2007, following his marriage) wanted to explore a different outlet for his songwriting outside of his hard-hitting main gig. Written as UNDEROATH were recording their critically acclaimed 2006 album, Define the Great Line (and recorded soon after that album's completion), the songs on The ALMOST's melodically inclined debut album, 2007's Southern Weather, are pointedly lacking UNDEROATH's metalcore sound; the album's first single, "Say It Sooner," features a rhythm guitar track directly inspired by JOHNNY CASH's original musical partner, LUTHER PERKINS, among others.

Track Listing:

  1. Chokehold
  2. I Want It Real
  3. Tame A LionOver And Underneath
  4. Life
  5. Fire
  6. I Think I Am
  7. Ain't No King
  8. In God's Country
  9. I Won't Miss
  10. Fear Caller
  11. Why Do You Bother Me?