The Avett Brothers- The Avett Brothers
The Avett Brothers- The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers- The Avett Brothers

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Label: Ramseur

Released 5/17/2024

The Avett Brothers return with their first album in five years. Produced by longtime collaborator, friend and early champion Rick Rubin, The Avett Brothers is as much untitled as it is self-titled, for as Thomas Keating said: “Silence is God’s first language – everything else is a poor translation.” Recorded in Malibu’s Shangri-La Studios, as well as Nashville, Mar Vista, and the band’s hometown of Concord, NC, The Avett Brothers is a collection of songs seen through a lens of independently studied spirituality; questions and considerations in the interest of the divine unknowable. In an ongoing attempt to comprehend existence and our interpersonal connectedness, these songs seek the sacred in the commonplace: a cheap cup of coffee, the smallest movement of love, broken hearts and school bus lessons, a baby’s first and second steps, growing older and holding on to one’s roots, losing someone and accepting fate, rediscovering hope and finding sanctity in tragedy...ultimately reveling in the fun and surrender of what we cannot understand. First new Avett Brothers studio album in four years. Produced by Rick Rubin. First self-titled album in their storied career.

Track listing:

  1. Never Apart (w/ Vocal Prelude)
  2. Love Of A Girl
  3. Cheap Coffee
  4. Forever Now
  5. Country Kid
  6. Orion's Belt
  7. 2020 Regret
  8. Same Broken Bones
  9. We Are Loved