The Band Camino- The Dark
The Band Camino- The Dark

The Band Camino- The Dark

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Label: New Elektra

Released 8/11/2023

The Band Camino's second studio album The Dark will feature 11 tracks including first singles "Told You So," "What Am I Missing?" and "Last Man In The World," which were released earlier this year and emphasize the band's infectious, unguarded and booming, guitar-driven pop sound that has resonated with audiences worldwide. The band tapped in key collaborators Andrew Goldstein, Jordan Schmidt, Seth Ennis, Geoff Warburton, Jake Torrey and Alysa Vanderheym to create another powerhouse body of work.

Track listing:

  1. Told You So
  2. What Am I Missing?
  3. Save My Life
  4. Let It Happen
  5. It's You (It's You)
  6. Same Page
  7. See You Later
  8. Afraid of the Dark
  9. Novocaine
  10. Three Month Hangover
  11. Last Man in the World