The Bellicose Minds- The Spine

The Bellicose Minds- The Spine

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Label: Black Water

Released 2013

The Spine is the band’s first album. The Bellicose Minds offer up eleven songs of dark, cold, and tense sounding punk and post punk. Overall, The Spine is a killer LP and The Bellicose Minds is an absolute must listen for fans of La Corde, Cat Party, and Night Sins.

Track listing:

  1. Lessons 
  2. The Spine 
  3. Bellicose Minds 
  4. Call To Graves 
  5. The Observer 
  6. Engulfed 
  7. Visions Of Pain 
  8. Banished Alone 
  9. Bloody Hands 
  10. Destruct 
  11. In Greed