The Black Crowes- Amorica

The Black Crowes- Amorica

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Label: American

Originally released 1994

Amorica is the third album by The Black Crowes. Spawned from their unreleased scrapped album Tall, Amorica was released in late 1994 on American Recordings. The album was banned from some stores like Walmart and Kmart, due to its sexually explicit album cover, which features a woman's crotch wearing a United States flag thong with pubic hair sticking out. The picture was from the cover of a July 1976 Hustler magazine. The image was censored and replaced with a black background which only featured the triangle. Amorica eventually reached Gold status in the United States, shipping 500,000 copies.

Track Listing:

  1. Gone 5:08
  2. A Conspiracy 4:44
  3. High Head Blues 4:00
  4. Cursed Diamond 5:56
  5. Nonfiction 4:15
  6. She Gave Good Sunflower 5:48
  7. P. 25 London 3:37
  8. Ballad in Urgency 5:39
  9. Wiser Time 5:31
  10. Downtown Money Waster 3:39
  11. Descending 5:40