The Bouncing Souls- Ten Stories High
The Bouncing Souls- Ten Stories High

The Bouncing Souls- Ten Stories High

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Label: Pure Noise

Released 3/24/2023

"During the pandemic we started a Patreon page. Through the Patreon page ten people purchased a song we would write for them after having a zoom chat with the band. The stories we heard in those conversations created foundations for the lyrics that evolved into ten different songs. A year or so later we decided to take them into the studio to create a new album. During the studio sessions we realized we wanted a song to summarize the process and tell the story of the project. One afternoon during the session we came up with the title “10 Stories High” and matched it up with a melody that Pete and Bryan had recorded earlier on their phones. We really liked how the title added imagery of ten people in a ten story building living out their own external and internal experiences. It was a perfect summary to the project. After a few hours of tinkering with the music and words we had our title track for the record."

Track listing:

  1. Ten Stories High
  2. Back To Better
  3. Kenver
  4. True Believer Radio
  5. Shannon's Song
  6. Andy And Jackie
  7. Vin And Casey
  8. Magnus Air Organ
  9. To Be Human
  10. Higher Ground