The Damned- Evil Spirits

The Damned- Evil Spirits

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Label: Spinefarm

Released 4/13/18

2018 release, the first album in a decade from the British punk legends. The Damned is back with Evil Spirits, their eleventh studio album, still firing on all cylinders, and breaking all the rules. Where their peers either burnt out, or faded into mediocrity, this most spiritually chaotic of all punk groups have never surrendered their ideals, always forged onwards. This time, they've collaborated with Tony Visconti, producer of innumerable classic albums by David Bowie, T-Rex and more. Visconti had the band bash out songs in the same room, prizing the perfect take over the convincing edit; there's a darkness to the lyrics as they look at the problems we face today, but an uplifting drive to "Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow," "Devil in Disguise," "We're So Nice," "Evil Spirits" and more.

Track Listing:

  1. Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow 4:15
  2. Devil in Disguise 4:31
  3. We're So Nice 4:09
  4. Look Left 4:44
  5. Evil Spirits 3:55
  6. Shadow Evocation 4:12
  7. Sonar Deceit 4:15
  8. Procrastination 3:54
  9. Daily Liar 5:57
  10. I Don't Care 3:18