The Dirty Projectors- 5EPs

The Dirty Projectors- 5EPs

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Label: Domino

Released 11/20/20

In 2020, Dirty Projectors will release a sequence of 5 EPs, each featuring lead vocals by a different band member - with the final EP sung by everyone

Track Listing:

  1. Title: Super João Track List
  2. Holy Mackerel
  3. I Get Carried Away
  4. You Create Yourself
  5. Moon, If Ever
  6. Title:Flight Tower Track List
  7. Inner World
  8. Lose Your Love
  9. Self Design
  10. Empty Vessel
  11. Title:Windows Open Track List
  12. On the Breeze
  13. Overlord
  14. Search for Life
  15. Guarding the Baby