The Fall- Live 1980 November Cedar Ballroom Birmingham UK

The Fall- Live 1980 November Cedar Ballroom Birmingham UK

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Label: Let Them Eat Vinyl

Released 2020

Describing The Fall to a new listener is a task that even the most talented wordsmith would find a problem with. A mixture of punk fury, spoken word and shamanic chanting that basks in repeated, near-cacophonous guitar riffs and tribal drum textures... it's more simple to sum the band up by stating 'that's The Fall'. Mark E Smith led the revolving door band through unrelenting decades of musical manufacture - ignorant of trend and fashion - to establish himself and The Fall moniker as a bonafide, alternative music landmark. Always at their best on stage, this collection captures them in fine form in November 1980 at the Cedar Ballroom in Birmingham, UK.

Track listing:

  1. Slates, Slags Etc 
  2. The Container Drivers 
  3. Jawbone And The Air Rifle 
  4. Totally Wired 
  5. New Face In Hell 
  6. Printhead 
  7. An Older Lover 
  8. City Hobgoblins 
  9. Leave The Capitol 
  10. Pay Your Rates 
  11. The N.W.R.A. 
  12. English Scheme 
  13. Underground Medicine