The Fallen Angels- The Fallen Angels

The Fallen Angels- The Fallen Angels

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Label: Jackpot

Reissued 6/17/2022, Originally released 1967

Pioneers of psychedelic rock, Jackpot Records is thrilled to offer the first-ever vinyl reissue of The Fallen Angels’ debut album! An unsung classic of ’60s psychedelia, The Fallen Angels, originally released in 1967, showcases the frenetic energy and melodic mélange of early garage and psych rock. Hailing from the Washington, D.C. area, The Fallen Angels masterfully blended driving guitar solos, groovy basslines, and playful distortion, with lead vocalist Jack Bryant’s bluesy and charismatic vocals. Standout tracks like “Introspective Looking Glass”, “Room At The Top”, and “No Way Out” are replete with punchy horn sections, raucous drums, and just enough reverb-stricken sitar for that true late-’60s flavor.    Pressed on limited edition color vinyl at RTI and mastered by Kevin Gray from the original tapes 

Track listing:

  1. Room At The Top 
  2. Love Don't Talk To Strangers 
  3. Your Friends Here In Dundersville 
  4. I've Been Thinking 
  5. It Might Have Been Easier To Stay At Home 
  6. Most Children Do 
  7. Introspective Looking Glass 
  8. I Don't Want To Fall 
  9. No Way Out 
  10. Painted Bird 
  11. Your Mother's Homesick Too 
  12. You Have Changed