The Flamin' Groovies- Shake Some Action

The Flamin' Groovies- Shake Some Action

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Label: Jackpot

Reissued 6/17/2022, Originally released 1976

​​A masterclass in rock ’n’ roll cool, Jackpot Records is thrilled to reissue the Flamin’ Groovies seminal album Shake Some Action on limited-edition color vinyl. Taking notes from the British Invasion and inspiration under the San Francisco sun, the Flamin’ Groovies became synonymous with the stylish, raunchy rock of the early-1960s, with Shake Some Action remaining their undisputed classic. Earning a perfect 5-star review from AllMusic and an 8.5/10 from Pitchfork, Shake Some Action is upheld for its ability to sound moody, wild, and unabashedly “’60s”.  Mastered by legendary sound engineer Kevin Gray from the record’s original 1976 master tapes, standout tracks like “You Tore Me Down”, “Let the Boy Rock and Roll”, and “I Can’t Hide” have never sounded better.

Track listing:

  1. Shake Some Action
  2. Sometimes
  3. Yes It's True
  4. St. Louis Blues
  5. You Tore Me Down
  6. Please Please Girl
  7. Let The Boy Rock N' Roll
  8. Don't You Lie To Me
  9. She Said Yeah
  10. I'll Cry Alone
  11. Misery
  12. I Saw Her
  13. Teenage Confidential
  14. I Can't Hide