The Good Life- Album Of The Year

The Good Life- Album Of The Year

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Label: Saddle Creek

Reissued 7/21/2023, Originally released 2004

 Album Of The Year brings all that is the sound of The Good Life to fruition: catchy, moody pop/rock that fluctuates between the all-ages club and the smoky cabaret, right alongside sing-along crescendos that spin into cinematic bursts. It also proved to be The Good Life's most critically acclaimed album to date. Pitchfork gave it an 8.0, while AP called it one of the 10 essential albums of 2004.

Track listing:

  1. Album Of The Year 
  2. Night And Day 
  3. Under A Honeymoon 
  4. You're No Fool 
  5. Notes In His Pocket 
  6. You're Not You 
  7. October Leaves 
  8. Lovers Need Lawyers 
  9. Inmates 
  10. Needy 
  11. A New Friend 
  12. Two Years This Month 
  13. Beaten Path (Live) 
  14. Omaha (Live) 
  15. You're Not You (Live) 
  16. Whipping Stick (Live)