The Growlers- Natural Affair

The Growlers- Natural Affair

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Label: Beach Goth

Released 1/17/20

2020 release from the Los Angeles-based garage/indie rock band. Natural Affair features lyrics centered around social commentary, rhymes, and ruminations on the pleasures and perils of modern love. Led by singer Brooks Nielsen and music director/guitarist Matt Taylor, The Growlers self-produced the album with a backing band comprised of longtime Growlers touring members Brad Bowers on bass and Richard Gowen on drums as well as Circles Around The Sun's Adam MacDougall (keys, synth) and Dan Horne (bass).

Track Listing:

  1. Natural Affair
  2. Long Hot Night (Halfway to Certain)
  3. Pulp of Youth
  4. Social Man
  5. Foghorn Town
  6. Shadow Woman
  7. Truly
  8. Tune Out
  9. Coinstar
  10. Stupid Things
  11. Try Hard Fool
  12. Die and Live Forever