The Gun Club- The Las Vegas Story

The Gun Club- The Las Vegas Story

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Label: Blixa Sounds

Reissued 6/17/2022, Originally released 1984

Deluxe two CD + DVD edition. Expanded version of the classic 1984 album by legendary punk/blues band The Gun Club. Includes a second CD of Live at Scorgie's 1984 in Rochester, NY. Also includes a DVD of never before seen video of 1984 Home Movie: The Gun Club On The Road.

Track listing:

  1. The Las Vegas Story/Walkin' with the Beast
  2. Eternally Is Here
  3. The Stranger in Our Town
  4. My Dreams
  5. The Master Plan
  6. My Man's Gone Now
  7. Bad America
  8. Moonlight Motel
  9. Give Up the Sun
  10. Secret Fires