The Halo Benders- The Rebels Not In

The Halo Benders- The Rebels Not In

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Label: K Records

Reissued 7/30/2021, Originally released 1998

Once again, CALVIN JOHNSON and DOUG MARTSCH have united to crank out some of the weirdest, most oddly danceable tunes this side of King Kong. On The Rebels Not In, the third full-length effort from the HALO BENDERS, the duo does a much better job of vocal harmonizing than on their two prior albums, trading deep wails for off-key whines in their own unique fashion. Vocally, this record belongs largely to CALVIN, accompanied largely by the trademark shimmering guitar work of MARTSCH. Opening with "Virginia Reel Around the Fountain," the band takes a far-removed stab at the Smiths classic by combining their trademark zany lyrics with melodramatic teenage angst. "Lonesome Sundown" best exemplifies the wonderful creativity that results from the union of the principal songwriters from BUILT TO SPILL and BEAT HAPPENING. The Rebels Not In is easily their most accessible effort yet, filled with upbeat, weird and wonderful tunes and a beat so catchy it's often difficult to stop your feet from tapping.

Track listing:

  1. Virginia Reel Around the Fountain
  2. Your Asterisk
  3. Lonesome Sundown
  4. Devil City Destiny
  5. Bury Me
  6. Surfers Haze
  7. Do That Thing
  8. Love Travels Faster
  9. Turn It My Way
  10. Rebels Got a Hole in It