The Haunted- Strength in Numbers

The Haunted- Strength in Numbers

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Label: Century Media

Released 9/1/17

Launched in 1996 by guitarist Jensen, bassist Jonas Björler and drummer Adrian Erlandsson, The HAUNTED has enjoyed cult status in the metal world ever since. Whether the band's continued success is due to an open-minded fanbase, stellar musicianship, or an infallible sense of timing when it comes to releasing new material - perhaps a combination of all three - The HAUNTED continue to be an unpredictable and beloved force to be reckoned with in spite of the curveballs thrown at their loyal followers and the line-up changes since releasing their self-titled debut in 1998. Their new album, Strength In Numbers, is the latest testament to that claim.

Track Listing:

  1. Fill The Darkness With Black 1:24
  2. Brute Force 2:48
  3. Spark 4:21
  4. Preachers Of Death 4:55
  5. Strength In Numbers 4:38
  6. Tighten The Noose 3:00
  7. This Is The End 3:29
  8. The Fall 4:32
  9. Means To An End 4:25
  10. Monuments 4:28