The High Strungs- Quiet Riots

The High Strungs- Quiet Riots

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Label: New Fortune

Released 2019

Quiet Riots is a powerful, witty, harmony laden masterwork that hums, zooms, soars, and roars through 14 songs in 38 minutes. It's a total shock and awe scene over here! The HIGH STRUNG's song, "The Luck You Got," is the main title track for Showtime's hit show Shameless. Singer-songwriter Josh Malerman is the author of the book Bird Box, now a feature film.

Track Listing:

  1. Riots Of The Mind
  2. When I Lay My Egg
  3. Legion
  4. If You Wanna Roll
  5. Goffin & King  
  6. Hope Explodes
  7. Letters First
  8. Darling Weirdo  
  9. Summer Of Night
  10. To Scale
  11. Eavesdropped Upon Again
  12. Death For Us Is A Mixture Of Moods
  13. Rubik's Cube
  14. Alien Madman