The Hungtingtons- Get Lost

The Hungtingtons- Get Lost

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Label: Sexy Baby

Reissued 2/10/2023, Originally released 1999

In 1999, the Huntingtons released three albums within one year: a live album, a Ramones cover album, and their strongest album to date "Get Lost," on Tooth & Nail Records. In that same year, Joey Ramone (lead singer of the legendary punk band the Ramones) and Arturo Vega (designer for the Ramones) handpicked the Huntingtons to be the backup band for Joey at his birthday bash that year at CBGBs. Sexy Baby Records is proud to announce "Get Lost" will get the vinyl treatment for the first time under official license from Tooth & Nail Records.

Track listing:

  1. No Pool Party Tonite

  2. I'm Not Going Downtown

  3. Hooray For You

  4. Shut Up

  5. Joanie's Got Problems

  6. Poster Kids

  7. What Would Joey Do?

  8. I Don't Wanna Save The World

  9. Samantha Doesn't Want Me

  10. Guilty

  11. Annie's Anorexic

  12. Somebody's Trying To Kill Me

  13. I Don't Want It To End This Way