The Jazz Crusaders- Freedom Sound

The Jazz Crusaders- Freedom Sound

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Label: Wax Love

Reissued 2018, Originally released 1961

Limited to 500 copies! Formed in 1956 by Joe Sample (piano), Stix Hooper (drums), Wilton Felder (saxophone), and Wayne Henderson (trombone) - buddies from an early age out of Houston, Texas - The Jazz Crusaders had all been schooled in local centres of prayer. They first performed together at one of the city's Creole churches, where they began to define their sound. The blend of Jazz, Blues and Soul which the young quartet developed throughout this formative period remained their default style during their early career. As The Jazz Crusaders, they released over a dozen albums before re-christening themselves The Crusaders in 1971, under which moniker they released a string of further albums in the jazz-fusion style, popular during the 1970s. 

Track listing:

  1. The Geek
  2. M.J.S. Funk
  3. That's It
  4. Freedom Sound
  5. Theme From "Exodus"
  6. Coon