The Joneses- Jonesin' Vol. 2

The Joneses- Jonesin' Vol. 2

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Label: Puke N’ Vomit

Reissued 7/29/2022

The second volume in the PNV JONESES reissue series compiles their tracks from the infamous Hell Comes To Your House Part II comp (1983) plus their sleaze soaked rock n roll debut LP Keeping Up With The Joneses (1986) along with other rare tracks

Track listing:

  1. I'm Bad
  2. She's So Filthy
  3. Miss 714
  4. She's So Filthy
  5. Jungle Disease
  6. Cut That Trash
  7. Chip Away The Stone
  8. Black Cat Bone
  9. Good From Far
  10. Looks So Good
  11. Crocodile Rock
  12. La De Da