The La's- Callin' All 1986-1987

The La's- Callin' All 1986-1987

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Label: Viper

Released 1/8/20

The La's are one of the most enigmatic bands of the last few decades releasing only a handful of singles and one "official" critically acclaimed album (which was disowned by the band itself). Lee Mavers (singer/songwriter) has stated repeatedly, that the closest he came to capturing his perfect vision was with the original recordings -- which now appear here on limited vinyl with an undisputed spirit and freshness that could never be recaptured. With so much mythologizing around the band's early recordings, and their eventual disappearance, Viper present the songs which appeared thirty years ago on the first La's album, only as nature intended -- authentic, endearing, and quite simply magical. Amongst many highlights is the first ever recording of "There She Goes, 'Live'" -- now correctly considered to be a standard. Noel Gallagher famously stated that: "Oasis wanted to finish off what the La's had started" It's fair to say it's right here where Brit pop started. Remastered; new cover art and sleeve notes; sleeve notes include an exclusive interview with La's guitarist Paul Hemmings.

Track Listing:

  1. Son Of A Gun
  2. I Can't Sleep
  3. Timeless Melody
  4. Liberty Ship
  5. There She Goes 'Live'
  6. Doledrum
  7. Feelin'
  8. Way Out
  9. IOU
  10. Freedom Song
  11. Failure
  12. Looking Glass 
  13. Come In Come Out
  14. Callin' All