The Menthols- Michigan Works

The Menthols- Michigan Works

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Label: UFO Dictator

Released 2010

Kalamazoo's favorite downer vibe shit rockers have their debut full length out at last. 9 songs inspired by Michigan's crumbling infrastructure, nautical naughtiness, lack of single females with jobs and psych meds, ass pockets of whiskey, fucking people fucking complaining, post-pocyclypse, fashions under $5, and that generally oppressive feeling you get in your 30s when you realize for the 35,000th time that shit sucks and this is all you've got. A hammered celebration of fucked up life. Best dudes! To say that they have an ear for The CHEATER SLICKS, FEEDTIME, The KIDS, and HAWKWIND goes with saying. Recorded in Sean Barney's living room. Mixed up nice by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit. Mark Richardson at Prairie Cat mastered it for vinyl. Pressed at United. Wormy cover art by Jeff The Snake. Silk-screening done by Ryan Brown at Goldfish Prints.

Track Listing:

  1. B-OK
  2. That's All You Got
  3. Longtime Cummin'
  4. Headache Song
  5. Loose Lops
  6. Switchblade Nite
  7. Between the Dots
  8. Don't Give Us Yours
  9. Fire Fire Fire