The Mummies- Never Been Caught

The Mummies- Never Been Caught

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Label: Telstar

Reissued 2020, originally released 1992

Originally released in 1992, The Mummies' debut long-player features a heart-stopping 17 tracks of lo-fi NoCal pulp-tastic Garage-Punk, including "Your Ass (Is Next In Line)," "The thing From Venus," and "Red Cobra #9." Reissued on white wax.

Track Listing:

  1. Your Ass (Is Next In Line)
  2. Stronger Than Dirt
  3. Little Miss Tee-N-T
  4. Come On Up
  5. Sooprize Package For Mr. Mineo
  6. Rosie
  7. Shot Down
  8. The Ballad Of Iron Eyes Cody
  9. Skinny Minnie
  10. She Lied
  11. Red Cobra #9
  12. The Frisko Freeze
  13. Justine
  14. Mariconda's A Friend Of Mine
  15. The Thing From Venus
  16. Shut Yer Mouth
  17. Jezabel