The Munsters- The Munsters

The Munsters- The Munsters

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Label: Real Gone Music

Reissued 2018, Originally released 1964

Did you know Herman, Grandpa, Lily, Marilyn and Eddie Munster doubled as a rock and roll band?! Well, despite the subhead on the album proclaiming them as 'The Newest Teen-Age Singing Group,' they didn't but that didn't stop the label execs at Decca Records from trying to cash in on the new CBS hit TV show! Veteran producers Joe Hooven and Hal Winn had the good sense to hire the Wrecking Crew (most notably Glen Campbell and Leon Russell) to play this surf-tinged set of songs, and brought in The Go-Go's (nope, not those Go-Go's, they were just out of diapers-this was a male vocal trio that cut one LP for RCA back in 1964, the same year this record came out) to sing the lyrics to such gems as 'You Created a Monster' and 'Make It Go Away.' The whole thing is a hoot, and a highly collectible hoot at that original copies of this album command 'monstrous' sums! Aaron Kannowski remastered our reissue, and for this vinyl reissue exclusive to Books a Million, we've pressed up a limited edition of 500 copies in orange pumpkin vinyl. Get ready to do the Munster creep this Halloween and beyond!

Track listing:

  1. Munster Creep
  2. Frankenstein Had A Hot-Rod Car
  3. $1.98 King Size Voodoo Kit
  4. Vampire Vamp
  5. Herman's Place
  6. (Here Comes The) Munster Coach
  7. T.V. Monster Show
  8. Eerie Beach
  9. Make It Go Away
  10. You Created A Monster
  11. Ride The Midnight Special
  12. Down In The Basement