The Network- Money Money 2020 Part II: We Told Ya So!

The Network- Money Money 2020 Part II: We Told Ya So!

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Label: Joe Robot

Released 4/16/21

The Network formed in the year 2003, fulfilling an ancient prophecy predicting that we, it's chosen members, would issue a stern warning to mankind in the form of music. Released as the album titled Money Money 2020, we shined the headlights upon the follies and vanity of mankind. Rapidly achieving fame and fortune, we had often been mistaken as the planet's greatest rock 'n' roll band, Green Day. This earthly comparison is almost as comical as the humans that inhabit this dying planet! A Time Machine & The Church of Lushotology... After our mercurial rise and the foundation of the Church of Lushotology, we have seen riches beyond imagination, thus we abandoned the doldrums of stardom and focused our efforts on time travel and the salvation of things beyond the human grasp! Within our travels through both time and space we have seen the futures foretold in the prophecy, and it is both disastrous and hilarious! Beyond these interstellar crossroads lie parallel dimensions where the oxymorons can create their own destiny! Choose wisely, for the devolution of man has always been a choice. The release of Money Money 2020 Part II: Told Ya So! Will serve as the final lesson! Within the binary codes of this album exist the keys to our past, present, and future DNA! The Gods are laughing & it's up to you to prove them wrong... You're welcome... -The Network The Church of Lushotology is in session and it's time to drink up!

Track Listing:

    1. The Prophecy
    2. Theory of Reality
    3. Trans Am
    4. Asphyxia
    5. Fentanyl
    6. Ivankkka Is a Nazi
    7. Digital Black
    8. Flat Earth
    9. Degenerate
    10. Pizzagate
    11. Carolina's Ultimate Netflix Tweet
    12. Respirator
    13. Squatter
    14. That's How They Get You
    15. Tarantula
    16. Cancer Is the New Black
    17. The Stranger
    18. Hey Elon
    19. Popper Punk
    20. Jerry Falwell's Pool Party
    21. Heard Immunity
    22. Time Capsule
    23. Threat Level Midnight
    24. Amnesia Vagabond
    25. Art of the Deal with the Devil