The Panik- It Won't Sell

The Panik- It Won't Sell

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Label: In The Red / 2.13.61

Reissued 12/16/2022, Originally released 1977

Between The Fall, Buzzcocks and Joy Division, it's easy to see that something was definitely happening in the greater Manchester area. However, these brilliant bands are not nearly the entire story. At some point, when I was able to see this chapter of England's contribution to music culture as part of a larger story, it bugged me that there was little to no mention of the Panik. Books have been written, records have been reissued but for some reason, the Panik were largely overlooked. It Won't Sell, (the back cover photo taken by the now legendary Kevin Cummins) is one of my favorite 7" records of all time. The Panik were there and done before a lot of Punk bands had even started." --Henry Rollins

Track listing:

  1. Modern Politics
  2. Urban Damnation
  3. Teenage Desire
  4. Murder