The Real Distractions- The Real Distractions

The Real Distractions- The Real Distractions

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Label: K Records

Released 4/15/2022

The Real Distractions is a co-release between Perennial and Kthis is international pop underground vol. CXLVIIIThe Real Distractions - "s/t"The Real Distractions love rock n roll. like an old shoebox of orc 45s you would sell your little cousin to get, made new and real by some secret seance of Bo Diddley beats, true touch guitar licks and forever teenage love croons. It's like they cut up a bunch of bomp and kicks magazines, stuck them back together and made a wish to turn them into a real band. a true love’s wish and it worked.4 tracks 45RPM .

Track listing:

  1. Stupid
  2. Smoking with Peter
  3. Beach Men
  4. Fosta/Sesta