The Revillos- Rev Up

The Revillos- Rev Up

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Label: Beat Generation

Reissued 2019, originally released 1980

Beat Generation present a vinyl reissue of Rev Up, the 1980 debut of the legendary The Revillos. Following the break-up of The Rezillos, The Revillos were born and would soon release this fun packed whirlwind of frantic new wave, punk rock, '60s pop, classic rock & roll, and much more, laced with science-fiction and B-movie awesomeness. Clocking barely over 30 minutes, the album mixes über catchy original tracks like "Yeah Yeah", "Motor Bike Beat", "Rock-A-Boom", or "Rev Up" with classic covers like "Cool Jerk" or "Hippy Hippy Sheik", making it an absolutely essential party album. Get ready to rev up! Includes fold out poster.

Track Listing:

  1. Secret Of The Shadow 1:25
  2. Rev Up! 2:20
  3. Rock-A-Boom 2:26
  4. Voodoo 2:44
  5. Bobby Come Back To Me 2:27
  6. Scuba Boy Bop 1:44
  7. Yeah Yeah 2:14
  8. Hungry For Love 1:48
  9. Juke Box Sound 1:57
  10. On The Beach 3:33
  11. Cool Jerk 2:11
  12. Hippy Hippy Sheik 1:30
  13. Motorbike Beat 2:25