The Ruts- In A Rut Sessions

The Ruts- In A Rut Sessions

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Label: In The Red / 2.13.61

Reissued 11/25/2022, Originally released 1979

 "It seems like years ago I contacted Mr. Segs and Mr. Ruffy and inquired if either Rut had possession of the In A Rut Sessions tape. The two song 7" with 'In A Rut' and the prophetic 'H-Eyes' had never been reissued since its original three pressing 1979 release . . . It could have been that the tape would have sat in the guts of Virgin for the rest of the century and there would be no reissue. The tape is back in control of the remaining Ruts and their great music is now yours to enjoy." --Henry Rollins

Track listing:

  1. Society
  2. H-Eyes
  3. In A Rut