The Sea and Cake- Everybody

The Sea and Cake- Everybody

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Label: Thrill Jockey

Reissued 2017, Originally released 2007

Their first full-length in over four years continues to perfect their singular brand of dreamlike, hot-buttered pop music that sounds delicately handcrafted, yet effortless all the same. Sheets of glowing guitar tones skip along propulsive percussion underscored by gently funky, introspective bass lines, all adorned by breathlessly delivered lines of lyrical poetry.

Track listing:

  1. Up On Crutches 
  2. Too Strong 
  3. Crossing Line 
  4. Middlenight 
  5. Coconut 
  6. Exact To Me 
  7. Lightning 
  8. Introducing 
  9. Left On 
  10. Transparent