The Skids- Scared To Dance

The Skids- Scared To Dance

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Label: Last Night From Glasgow

Reissued 7/15/2022, Originally released 1979

Scared to Dance, the debut LP from Scotland's Skids, will be re-issued by Last Night From Glasgow. In addition to featuring a remastered version of the original album a second LP of bonus tracks will be included making this the definitive vinyl version of Scotland's FROM definitive punk album. This record may have been recorded over 40 years ago but the songs resonate as much, if not more, today. Featuring the glorious "Into The Valley" and "The Saints Are Coming".

Track listing:

  1. Into The Valley
  2. Scared To Dance
  3. Of One Skin
  4. Dossier (Of Fallibility)
  5. Melancholy Soldiers
  6. Hope And Glory
  7. The Saints Are Coming
  8. Six Times
  9. Calling The Tune
  10. Integral Plot
  11. Charles
  12. Scale