The Sound- Statik Records Years
The Sound- Statik Records Years

The Sound- Statik Records Years

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Label: Edsel

Reissued 8/18/2023

Five CD set. The Sound was an English post-punk band that formed in South London in 1979. The band was formed by lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Adrian Borland. The Sound became known for their introspective lyrics and soaring melodies, and their debut album 'Jeopardy' was highly influential in the post-punk movement. Despite critical acclaim, the band never reached the same commercial heights as their peers and disbanded in 1988 but their music has maintained a cult following and is revered by post-punk and alternative music fans. Edsel is proud to present 'The Statik Records Years', a new comprehensive and definitive five CD boxset which chronicles The Sound's prolific output on the Statik Records label from 1984 and 1985. Includes the original releases 'Shock Of Daylight', 'Heads And Hearts', and 'In The Hothouse', plus 'New Way Of Life' a collection of demos which has been newly remastered. Also included is the exclusive compilation 'Blood And Poison' which features previously unreleased early versions of 'Whirlpool' and 'Wildest Dreams', single versions of 'One Thousand Reasons' and Temperature Drop' (appearing on CD for the first time), and the previously unreleased songs 'Through And Through' and 'Reduced To Danger'. Accompanying the five CDs is a 24-page booklet with new liner notes by James Nice, and unseen photographs from the period taken by Roy Tee. The booklet and CDs are housed together in a deluxe 'clam-shell' box with foil detailing.

Track listing:

Shock Of Daylight

  1. Golden Soldiers 
  2. Longest Days 
  3. Counting The Days 
  4. Winter 
  5. "new way of life" 
  6. Dreams Then Plans

Heads And Hearts

  1. Whirlpool
  2. Total Recall
  3. Under You
  4. Burning Part Of Me
  5. Love Is Not A Ghost
  6. Wildest Dreams
  7. One Thousand Reasons
  8. Restless Time
  9. Mining For Heart
  10. World As It Is
  11. Temperature Drop

In The Hothouse

  1. Winning (Live)
  2. Under You (Live)
  3. Total Recall (Live)
  4. Skeletons (Live)
  5. Prove Me Wrong (Live)
  6. Wildest Dreams (Live)
  7. Burning Part Of Me (Live)
  8. Heartland (Live)
  9. Hothouse (Live)
  10. Judgement (Live)
  11. Counting The Days (Live)
  12. Red Paint (Live)
  13. Silent Air (Live)
  14. Sense Of Purpose (Live)
  15. Missiles (Live)

"new way of life" (Demo Recordings)

  1. Golden Soldiers (Demo)
  2. "new way of life" (Demo)
  3. Counting The Days (Demo)
  4. Mining For Heart (Demo)
  5. Oiled (Demo)
  6. Steel Your Air (Demo)
  7. Fall Of Europe (Demo)
  8. Love Is Not A Ghost (Demo)
  9. Blood And Poison (Demo)
  10. Whirlpool (Demo)

Blood And Poison (Additional Studio Recordings)

  1. Whirlpool (Early Version)
  2. Wildest Dreams (Early Version)
  3. One Thousand Reasons (Single Version)
  4. Blood And Poison (B-Side)
  5. Steel Your Air (B-Side)
  6. Temperature Drop (Single Version)
  7. Oiled (B-Side)
  8. Through And Through
  9. Reduced To Danger
  10. Shimmer