The Thermals- Personal Life

The Thermals- Personal Life

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Label: Kill Rock Stars

Released 2010

2010 release, the fifth album from Indie Rock favorites. With Personal Life, The Thermals have battled (and perhaps even conquered!) the deepest and darkest of all popular art themes- love. Not that The Thermals haven't sung/spoken/screamed about the wide range of emotions love produces and abuses. But never before have The Thermals devoted an entire LP to love, loss, and lies! More than an album strictly about love, Personal Life is about relationships. It's about the concept of a connection between two people -making it, breaking it, and faking it. Personal Life amounts to the Indie-Rock equivalent of a brilliant but ultimately doomed love affair. A beautiful, turbulent experience that will hopefully leave you wiser in the ways of love and life.

Track Listing:

  1. I'm Gonna Change Your Life
  2. I Don't Believe You
  3. Never Listen to Me
  4. Not Like Any Other Feeling
  5. Power Lies
  6. Only for You
  7. Alone, a Fool
  8. Your Love Is So Strong
  9. A Reflection
  10. You Changed My Life