The Waterboys- Where the Acton Is

The Waterboys- Where the Acton Is

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Label: Cooking Vinyl

Released 5/24/19

Its title inspired by Robert Parker’s 1960s mod / northern soul classic, Where The Action Is is a 10-song, genre-defying album, testament to the enduring talents of the band’s founder and front man Mike Scott. One of the finest British songwriters of the past four decades, his songs have been covered and recorded by artists including PRINCE, ROD STEWART, TOM JONES, STEVE EARLE, and ELLIE GOULDING (who had a number three hit with a How Long Will I Love You).

Track Listing:

  1. Where the Action Is
  2. London Mick
  3. Out of All This Blue
  4. Right Side of Heartbreak (Wrong Side of Love)
  5. In My Time on Earth
  6. Ladbroke Grove Symphony
  7. Take Me There I Will Follow You
  8. And There's Love
  9. Then She Made the Lasses
  10. Piper at the Gates of Dawn