The Young Gods- - Pias 40

The Young Gods- - Pias 40

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Label: PIAS America

Released 9/22/2023

The Swiss trio The Young Gods were created in 1985 under the leadership of Franz Treichler. Desiring to go against the tide of conventional rock music with a radical aesthetic proposal. The bet had been won right from the outset with the first eponymous album that released the success of being voted record of the year by Melody Maker. It was not until 1992, their album Tv Sky, finally achieved an international breakthrough. We must take into account the innovative constancy of the Young Gods and their mastery of the elements.

Track listing:

  1. L'amourir
  2. Pas Mal
  3. Gasoline Man (Megadrive Mix)
  4. Skinflowers
  5. Kissing the Sun Radio (Edit)