Third Eye Blind- Unplugged, Vol. 1

Third Eye Blind- Unplugged, Vol. 1

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Label: Mega Collider

Released 12/16/2022

We wanted to make a comprehensive retrospective for the 25th Anniversary of 3eb, but we couldn't. We can’t seem to say what 3eb is because we’re still actively figuring that out. The criteria then for choosing songs for this collection of acoustic versions of tracks from our catalogue was mainly based on how much we enjoyed playing them together . We spent a week ensconced in the Texas Hill Country and reapproached songs with a generous sprinkling of hindsight. I enjoyed getting another crack at them.

Track listing:

  1. Isn't It Pretty
  2. Blinded
  3. Red Star
  4. Faster
  5. Graduate
  6. How's It Going to Be
  7. God of Wine
  8. Never Let You Go
  9. Second Born
  10. Semi-Charmed Life
  11. Palm Reader
  12. Losing a Whole Year
  13. Back to Zero