Third Eye Blind- Ursa Major

Third Eye Blind- Ursa Major

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Label: Bandbox

Released 2009, reissued 2023

Bandbox is excited to offer the first pressing of Third Eye Blind's celebrated fourth studio LP, 'Ursa Major,' since 2009.  The record draws its name from a prolonged six year period of inactivity - or hibernation, as it were - for the band following the 2003 release of 'Out of the Vein.' After the long layoff, the band sounded refocused and inspired on 'Ursa Major,' with the clever Sex Pistols-referencing lead single "Don't Believe a Word" quickly finding its way into the hearts of the band's passionate fan base as well as a prominent slot on the national airwaves. The LP itself reached number three on the Billboard 200, 3EB's highest placing ever on the prominent chart. For longtime Third Eye Blind fans who waited patiently for their favorite band's comeback, 'Ursa Major' proved to be well worth waiting for and an impressive return to form for the San Francisco group. In addition to Bandbox's stylish red + black vinyl, our exclusive release of 'Ursa Major' also comes with a 16-page zine dedicated to Third Eye Blind, in which frontman Stephan Jenkins tells us all about the making of this celestial record.

Track Listing:

  1. 1 Can You Take Me
  2. Don't Believe A Word
  3. Bonfire
  4. Sharp Knife 
  5. One In Ten 
  6. About To Break 
  7. Summer Town 
  8. Why Can't You Be
  9. Water Landing
  10. Dao Of St. Paul
  11. Monotov's Private Opera 
  12. Carnival Barker (Instrumental)