Throwing Muses- Sun Racket

Throwing Muses- Sun Racket

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Label: Fire

Released 9/4/20

Sun Racket is the 2020 album from legendary Boston trio Throwing Muses, consisting of Kristin Hersh, David Narcizo and Bernard Georges. The follow up to 2013's Purgatory/Paradise is an outpouring of modal guitars, reverbed shapes, echoey drums and driving bass set behind Kristen Hersh's well-thumbed notebook of storylines. A ten-song opus of suitably wrought tales set against a wall of sound that's at once calm and ethereal before building into glorious cacophonous crescendos.

Track Listing:

  1. Dark Blue
  2. Bywater
  3. Maria Laguna
  4. Bo Diddley Bridge
  5. Milk at McDonald's
  6. Upstairs Dan
  7. St. Charles
  8. Frosting
  9. Kay Catherine
  10. Sue's