Tim Buckley- Look at the Fool

Tim Buckley- Look at the Fool

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Label: Real Gone Music

Reissued 7/7/17, originally released 1974

The list of '60s and '70s singer-songwriters is long and full of legends; but perhaps the most talented of that very talented bunch was Tim Buckley. Certainly when it came to singing Buckley was at the very top; his range was unmatched, capable of covering several octaves and acres of emotion in one breath, from sweet, tenor tenderness to hoarse, cracking anguish. And his songwriting showed a similar wide range; in the course of eight short years Buckley went from baroque, psychedelic folk rock to jazzy, even avant-garde ravings to blue-eyed soul. Now, Real Gone Music is proud to present Look at the Fool on vinyl for the first time since the late '80s, in a version newly remastered from the original master tapes by Bill Inglot. This release marks a significant upgrade in sound from what's heretofore been available, and to celebrate, we're offering this record in audiophile 180-gram vinyl limited to 300 copies. It's high time this album was reappraised; this vinyl release displays it at it's very best! Newly Remastered From The Original Master Tapes By Bill Inglot

Track Listing:

  1. Look at the Fool 5:10
  2. Bring It on Up 3:26
  3. Helpless 3:18
  4. Freeway Blues 3:10
  5. Tijuana Moon 2:38
  6. Ain't It Peculiar 3:34
  7. Who Could Deny You 4:20
  8. Mexicali Voodoo 2:23
  9. Down in the Street 3:20
  10. Wanda Lou 2:37