Too $hort- Life Is...Too Short

Too $hort- Life Is...Too Short

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Label: RCA / Legacy / Get On Down

Reissued 6/4/2021, Originally released 1988

Too $horts works were largely a cult phenomenon during the early years of his career, but 1988’s Life Is... broke him into a mainstream audience, and gave him his most critically acclaimed release. (Not to mention his highest-selling to date.) The album stood out in its field, at a time when re-sampling old-school funk and R&B singles was the name of the game, Too $hort instead opted to take established riffs and hooks from those singles and re-create them with studio musicians and drum machines. The album cemented Too $horts status among MCs, and the title track itself would even be re-sampled in tracks by rappers UGK, hip-hop-influenced rock group Sublime, and even Too $hort himself on later singles.

Track listing:

  1. Life Is...Too Short
  2. Rhymes
  3. I Ain't Trippin'
  4. Nobody Does It Better
  5. Don't Fight The Feelin' 
  6. CussWords
  7. City Of Dope
  8. Pimp The Ho