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Label: Arts & Crafts

Reissued 6/23/2023, Originally released 2012

First time on colored vinyl. TRST, the debut self-titled record from Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski, features tales of lust, wax, and erotomania carried along on a dense black vapor of speed, space and tears. TRST's "malevolent, sexy synth-pop" (Pitchfork) erupted out of Toronto's fertile underground music scene alongside darkwave contemporaries Crystal Castles and Austra. Lead by Alfons' otherworldly, gender-bending vocals and Postepski's genre-defying production, the album deftly moves across electronic pop, industrial, trance, and more. After two singles on Sacred Bones Records, TRST signed to Arts & Crafts for the album's release with accolades pouring in from outlets like NME, Pitchfork, and Under The Radar. To date, the album has sold 30,000 units in the US.

Track listing:

  1. Shoom
  2. Dressed for Space
  3. Bulbform
  4. The Last Dregs
  5. Candy Walls
  6. Gloryhole
  7. This Ready Flesh
  8. F.T.F.
  9. Heaven
  10. Chrissy E
  11. Sulk