Trampled By Turtles- Alpenglow
Trampled By Turtles- Alpenglow

Trampled By Turtles- Alpenglow

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Label: Banjodad

Released 10/28/2022

Dave Simonett and his bandmates Erik Berry (mandolin), Ryan Young (fiddle), Dave Carroll (banjo), Tim Saxhaug (bass) and Eamonn McLain (cello) come together once again for their latest album called Alpenglow to be released on October 28th. The band’s 10th album overall over a nearly 20-year run (has it really been that long?), the album is named after the optical phenomenon when the sun casts a reddish glow at dawn or dusk, accentuated often by mountains in the distance. Alpenglow was produced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. Dave Simonett writes all the songs for the album, except one written by Tweedy. Alpenglow features the song “It’s So Hard To Hold On” that has been released ahead of the album (listen below). Certainly relevant for the moment, the song is about the passing of time, and how important it is to savor it. The video for the song is made up of images of Trampled by Turtles fans enjoying the band over the years.

Track listing:

1. It’s So Hard To Hold On
2. Starting Over
3. Central Hillside Blues
4. On The Highway
5. A Lifetime to Find
6. Nothing But Blue Skies
7. Burlesque Desert Window
8. All The Good Times Are Gone
9. We’re Alright
10. Quitting Is Rough
11. The Party’s Over