Travis Wesley Trio- Cycle By Three

Travis Wesley Trio- Cycle By Three

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Label: Self-Released

Released 2013

A strikingly original set of compositions performed by WESLEY's trio consisting of TOBY CURTRIGHT on bass and TOM MARKO on drums. The album features impressive interplay between the musicians, and infuses many of today's musical influences.

Track listing:

  1. Prelude (Travis Wesley)
  2. Keeper Of Keys (Travis Wesley)
  3. But He Himself Was So Broken (Toby Curtright)
  4. Spring Is Here (Rodgers & Hunt)
  5. Fading Friends  (Travis Wesley)
  6. Song For Madelynne  (Travis Wesley)
  7. Memoriam (Travis Wesley)
  8. For Us This Is The End Of All Stories (Toby Curtright)
  9. Postlude (Travis Wesley)